Turning business inspiration into action

Business ideas are so cheap you can get a dozen of ‘em for a dime. But how do you bridge the gap between business inspiration and results? Harness your ideas Some ideas hit you suddenly like a bolt of lightning. They might stem from a conversation with a colleague, or a dream that’s been harboured […]

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Setting work boundaries for the home office

Many of us find it a challenge to close the door at the end of the day. Our home office draws us to finish that invoice, put the finishing touches to a project or make that last phone call… even if it is Sunday. We all know, though, that it’s important to take time out […]

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New business and going to the movies

Before seeing a movie I’ll browse the poster, watch the trailer or ask a friend what they thought before paying to go and see it. Understanding this process can work wonders when thinking about attracting new business.                                     […]

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