How to turn weaknesses into strengths

As a soloist it is an obvious statement that the business relies on you. So if there is an area where you lack confidence, it’s going to affect your business. This got me thinking – how can we turn our weaknesses into strengths? Listed below are three questions that can hopefully help you to identify […]

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Logo selection in three easy steps

Recently I saw a cafe with a logo that looked like a biohazard symbol. Is that really the imagery they want people seeing when thinking about where to buy their lunch? You have to wonder how much thought they put into their logo selection, don’t you? I cannot stress highly enough the importance of getting correct […]

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Freelancing: Ready to work for yourself?

Before going solo, I imagined freelancing was similar to flying like a bird. That sense of being uninhibited, boundless and the sky being the limit. No more instant coffee or people stealing your food out of the fridge were additional perks.   Now I’ve taken the plunge, I have discovered this image of freelancing to […]

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